Williams System 11
2x16 digits alphanumerical

We have developed a LED display for system 11 pinball machines with two rows of 16 alphanumerical digits (replaces Williams board D-12232-1; for BlackKnight 2000, Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Diner, Jokerz, Bad Cats, Rollergames). Unfortunately there is no prototype yet, because our etching environment is simply to small for this huge board. To order a professional board without test seems a bit risky, but maybe we will have to do that. Let's see...

This is the circuit diagram an the placement of components:

As some time has passed without any news concerning this project, we have decided to upload the layouts as well - maybe somebody is interested to give it a try. Please check everything thoroughly as we did not have the chance to manufacture a prototype.
layout top
layout bottom

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